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Specialty Services


 Hot Stone Massage

Heated stones "melt" muscle tension and just feels good!  Hot stones are incorporated into the massage techniques.  Benefits include deep relaxation, dissolution of scar tissue, improved circulation which may speed healing and reduce swelling from injury, daily stress relief and muscle toning.

30 minute session   $55
60 minute session   $80
90 minute session   $110

Chair Massage

Take a quick break to relieve stress and reduce muscle tension/pain of the neck, back and shoulders. Remain clothed for this "quick fix" massage.  

5 minute session   $5
10 minute session   $10
15 minute session   $15 

Be Sweet to Your Feet: reflexology with soothing scrub. 

Reflexology treatment on the feet and a gentle foot exfoliation treatment in Peach or unscented.
30 minute session $55

Thai  Foot Reflexology 

Thai Foot Reflexology helps reduce the symptoms of insomnia, headache, back pain, knee pain, problems in the foot, stress and more.

During the Thai Foot Reflexology treatment the therapist uses a special Thai reflexology stick to work the reflex points on the feet which corresponds with each organ and system in the body. (In traditional Reflexology, the therapist uses their thumb). 

The goal of this treatment is to loosen up and relax the feet as well as to encourage the body to naturally restore its own healthy balance.

60 minute sessionn $70

90 minute session $100


Ultimate relaxation

Receive an hour massage and 15 min. Foot Reflexology with Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs.
Your feet will thank you for this pampering and essential luxury. The rich creme detoxifies, hydrates and exfoliates.

Key Benefits of Energizing Lotion for Feet & Legs:
The cool mint formula, with key ingredients, helps moisturize tired legs and feet and a cooling sensation helps them feel revived instantly.
75 minute session $95 

Mom`s Spa-ahh Time

 Relax with an hour aromatherapy massage that includes a Softening Foot Treatment and an extra 15 min. Foot Reflexology.

 75 minute session $95




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