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About Tammy Moon, LMT

"When I graduated high school, I wanted to pursue massage but was convinced otherwise. So I dropped it for a very long time. But I always stayed interested in the “alternative” healing arts. It wasn’t until I moved to Erie and had the support of my fiance and his family that I took some time and really looked into what I could do to be in a field in which I could help people while helping myself. The next thing I knew, I was quitting my job and going to massage school. I love massage because I can physically and mentally help others. I am able to not only connect with my client, it helps me connect with myself. The exchange of energies that you get from massage -- there is nothing to compare. Seeing the transformation from when a client walks into the room and when they walk out gives me the most awesome feeling!"

Tammy is our most recent addition to our team. She is originally from Pittsburgh. She graduated from Great Lakes during 2020 and yep! -- she had a virtual ceremony! Starting to work on clients had to wait a bit longer than she would have thought, but now she's already making such a positive impression on our clients:

"Tammy made me feel so welcome and comfortable. She listened to what I felt I needed/wanted. I walked out on a cloud! I’m still feeling so relaxed and it’s a "typical" Monday!" (Angie)

Tammy, who already has a sense of what her "specialty" is, also has such an amazing attitude about being a new therapist and the road ahead:

"I enjoy working more “therapeutic” than relaxation but I tend to lean toward a “therapeutic relaxation." I think that being new is my main unique quality. I haven’t become set in my ways and am still discovering new things. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me and am so thrilled to have found a place with everyone here!"

When Tammy is not working, you can often find her in the woods, dressed as Wonder Woman at the Comics store, or at a Faire! She's our very own superhero therapist.

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