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About Julie Henry, LMT

"Something I would love to teach people is to remind them that it is OK to just be yourself! Dress as you want, have the interests you want, and own your personality! This world is so critical and judgmental anymore, that people are afraid to just be themselves for fear of being judged or disliked. Everybody is “you”nique and that makes the world a more interesting place.

And I love my work because people can come in feeling sick or down, and through the power of touch, they leave feeling better physically and mentally."

Julie's (PA LMT #MSG001388) goal was to find a career that would offer an alternative way to help others manage their pain.  After earning her certificate in Massage Therapy (Great Lakes Institute of Technology-GLIT) in 2009, she jumped on the opportunity to be the sole massage therapist at a local spa.  She loved the atmosphere, but still felt like something was missing. In 2011 she was hired by GLIT to be their Massage Therapy Clinic Coordinator. In 2012 she left the spa when she accepted a 2nd role at GLIT as a Massage Therapy Instructor.  At GLIT, Julie was able to share her passion for Massage Therapy as well as inspire the future generation of Massage Therapists.

Over the next 5 yrs, she taught classes focusing on human anatomy & physiology, myology and various massage modalities all while supervising the onsite student massage clinic.  She continued her own education with deep tissue, aromatherapy and various medical sciences courses.

In the fall of 2017, Julie and her husband welcomed their 1st child!  After taking time off of work to care for her daughter, Julie is immersing herself back into the massage therapy field as a licensed Massage Therapist at Monacella Massage & Kinesiology LLC.

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