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About Abby Weech, LMT

Abby Weech (PA LMT #MSG012460) is one of the newer additions to our team of therapists, and we couldn't be more excited to have her with us! Like all of our therapists, she's been well educated in a variety of methods, is licensed by the state, and is ready to create a massage experience that is unique to you.

She can remember when she first felt drawn to this work:

"From a very young age, I have instinctively known that the hands can be used to heal the pain of others. I remember working with a horse named Snickers who threw out his back. I held my hands out towards his back and got so frustrated and upset because I KNEW there was something I could do to help him, but I did not know what or how to do it. (Spoiler alert: THIS IS HOW!) I can do EXACTLY THAT with massage! I love that I don’t need anything except my own two hands to be able to help someone and hopefully reduce their pain levels. Having a table and accessories are nice of course in a perfect world, but I don’t NEED anything but my own hands and body to help them. That is incredible to me. I get to see people walk out feeling better than when they came through the door to see me. Awesome."

She may be new to the field, but she brings wisdom that belies her years and adds to her unique touch:

"Well first off, I am relatively intuitive. I am very new to this field, but everything about it intrigues me. I see the body almost as a puzzle – each puzzle is different. What works for one client may not work on the next. I love getting to be creative and figure out the right style and approach for each specific body to allow the healing process to begin. I also, as stated before, am very interested in ‘energy work’ and Eastern modalities. I feel that it blends beautifully with massage and allows me a whole separate set of ‘clues’, signs, and tools to work with when it comes to figuring out my client and the best approach to helping them."

If she could teach the world anything, she says:

"I would like to teach compassion and empathy. History has repeated its own darkness far too many times to count. Most of what is seen on the news anymore is violence, hatred, and opposition. But... the things we could do if we stood together. If we considered viewing the world from our neighbor’s eyes for just a moment. I truly believe that compassion and empathy require the most courage but are by far the most rewarding. You can’t keep it if you don’t give it away."

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